Getting help with Instant Protection PLUS 3

Standard Support

Many developers are able to implement the SoftwareKey System with the help of our online resources. We have extensive documentation as well as online resources to help guide you through the process. You can also use our Standard Support, which covers basics questions and will help refer you to the relevant documentation or article.

SOLO Server Return/Error Codes

If you cannot find what you need in our online materials, you can open a ticket or start a live chat. . We can then assist you with any basic questions or direct you to the proper resource.

Just Start Services

We understand that there may be situations where you want or need dedicated support or training. You can purchase our Jump Start Services and have a support engineer remotely assist you to save time and utilize our licensing experience.

This service covers the basics of using the SoftwareKey System, and can include a walk-through, checking/confirming that you are using the correct settings for your licensing requirements, or anything that you don’t yet fully understand.

Prospects are eligible for one free 15 minute consultation, which can be used as a demo or to answer more technical questions.

Request Consultation

Customers can schedule Jump Start time as needed, and we can either charge the time to your monthly bill, or you can pay for it separately. The standard rate is $175/hr.

Advanced Professional Services

If you are looking for more of a start-to-finish solution for your software licensing or system integration needs, we offer professional consulting services and license architecting that can be used to provide you with customized analysis, design, development, and training activities to achieve your licensing objectives. 

Once we understand the scope of any custom requirements, we can provide an estimated project cost. In some cases, a "discovery project" may be recommended to help us understand the needs and/or technology surrounding the project.

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