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Posted by Zach C, Last modified by Tanner O on 15 July 2019 10:58 AM

This Knowlegebase article describes the various account login credentials you may receive when conducting business with

  • Customer License Login
  • SOLO Server Login
  • Support Ticket Login

Customer License Login

When you purchase from the online store or otherwise receive a license for one of our software products (such as Instant Protection PLUS or Protection PLUS SDK), a Customer account will be created. A single Customer account is created for each company, even if multiple employees at a given company utilize our services. You can log into this Customer account by going to and clicking on the Login: Download & Renew Software link at the top of the page. You can log into your Customer account using your Customer ID, License ID, Invoice number, or e-mail address. If you do not have any of this information readily available, use the Forgot your password? link at the Customer Licenses Login page to reset your password or contact our Customer Service department for assistance. We use the standard customer license portal from SOLO Server to allow you to perform assorted self-service license operations, including:

  • Reprint invoices (for online purchases)
  • Obtain license keys for software activation
  • Review and manage computer activations/installations
  • Download software product updates
  • Review the current status of software maintenance plans
  • Purchase software maintenance renewals and/or software upgrades

Those customers using SOLO Server have the ability to expose this same functionality to their end users, saving everyone time!

SOLO Server Login

Those SoftwareKey customers who use SOLO Server for online license activation and management will be assigned an Instant SOLO Server User ID login, starting out with their Author ID.  SOLO Server is available as a service that manages through SOLO Server Shared / Custom URL or SOLO Server Dedicated URL. SOLO Server Shared URL customers (the most common) can log into their Author account by going to and clicking on the Login: Manage SOLO Server Account menu option.  If you have trouble logging in, use the Forgot your password? link on the login page to reset your password or contact our Customer Service department for assistance. Each employee at your company can be assigned their own unique User ID by your system administrator. The primary advantage of using a unique ID for each employee is that many operations performed within SOLO Server are logged for auditing purposes according to the unique User ID assigned to the user.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SOLO Server tracks failed login attempt back to the IP address from where the login attempts occurred.   If you or someone else from your office IP address has incorrectly guessed their login more than 3 times, your IP address may have been blocked.  Please wait 30 minutes since the last time you attempted to log in. This is a security measure to protect access to your account.   If you continue to have problems accessing your account, please contact our Customer Service department.

Support Ticket Login

If you have ever previously opened a ticket with us, you may already have a support ticket login established. Use the Reset Support Ticket Login Password link to create a new support ticket login password. Feel free to use the Remember Me feature of the support ticket login so that you are not required to remember your password on future visits.

Additional background on our support portal:   Outstanding customer service is our foremost priority at, and here's the proof: With the latest upgrade of our support portal, we have decided to provide our valued customers (that's you!) with the capability to log directly into the support portal so that you can review and update your ticket history online in addition to sending us an e-mail. The login ID is always based upon the e-mail address of the user, so every user at your organization will have their own support ticket login ID. Our support portal allows us to link users together under an organization, so contact our Customer Service department to have your accounts linked.