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What is the SoftwareKey Automation Client?
Posted by Zach C, Last modified by Tanner O on 24 December 2015 11:48 AM

The Automation Client is an application library used to automate many of the software licensing tasks performed by a software publisher.

  • It allows automated software feature purchasing and activation, remote license updating, pay-per-use counter tracking, and much more.
  • This component allows direct TCP/IP communication between your applications running on your customer's computer and the Instant SOLO(sm) Service, SOLO Lite, and SOLO Server. The user does not need to see any of the communication between your application and the web server, and in most cases, the messages are quick and unnoticeable.

How are some customers using the Automation Client?

Once a customer places an order online, all Instant SOLO customers use this library to retrieve software activation code information from the SOLO Server. Several users have free software where they want to collect demographic information about their customers. A custom dialog box collects the information they want and then they use the Automation Client to post this information to their web server. The web server can store this data in a database or e-mail it to an administrator, etc.

The Automation Client is the cornerstone behind our Electronic License Management (ELM) technology. Once your application has been enabled on a customer computer, the ELM concept allows you to maintain control. In fact, when your application runs while an Internet connection is active, license validation and other messages can be sent back and forth transparently to your web server.