What is the difference between license validation and a license refresh?
Posted by Dan H, Last modified by Tanner O on 03 June 2018 08:23 PM

A license validation checks the local license file, while a license refresh updates that local license file with the latest license data from SOLO Server. After a refresh, you want to validate against that updated data. More information is shown here regarding refreshing a license and how to handle a change in status.

Validating the license is done when you verify the local license file. There is no Internet communication in this case. Some license validation processes include:

  • Validate the license is on the computer it was activated (this is validating the System Identifiers which are a "fingerprint" of the computer).
  • Validate the local license's expiration date has not been passed (for subscription licenses).
  • Validate concurrent licenses (Network Floating Licensing).

Refreshing the license retrieves the current license data from SOLO Server over the Internet.  This is used to update the local license file, as it will include any changes to the license and the status of the license, such as a new expiration date or whether this particular installation has been deactivated.  It allows you to remotely control the license.