How do I know my client entered the Trigger Code to deactivate his computer?
Posted by Zach C, Last modified by Tanner O on 02 October 2017 11:58 AM

In most cases, when you have a customer deactivate one machine, you then allow them to activate a new machine. When performing an offline deactivation, you need to ensure that the customer actually deactivated their current machine so that they don't trick you into getting a free activation. This is automatically verified when the customer deactivates online using SOLO Server, which is the recommended approach.

Online Deactivation with SOLO Server

Ideally, you will want your customers to deactivate online using SOLO Server. This will verify the deactivation automatically, and can also periodically verify with SOLO Server to address the case of the customer restoring their computer to a state before the local license file was deactivated. With the above offline deactivation methods, it is possible for the user to revert to a backup before the deactivation took place, and it would be difficult to catch this if it is not periodically validating with SOLO Server.

Offline Deactivation with Protection PLUS 5 SDK

With Protection PLUS 5 SDK, you would need to update the writable license file to create an expired trial, or you could potentially delete the license file and alias files.

Offline Deactivation with Instant Protection PLUS 3

With Instant Protection PLUS 3, you need to have the customer manually activate with Trigger Code 50, which will result in a deactivation. In Instant Protection PLUS, you will be given Activation Code 1, which will be sent to the customer, and a Deactivation Code, which you will keep private. When they enter the Activation Code 1 into the software, it will deactivate it and then show them a Deactivation Code. They need to report this code back to you, and if it matches the Deactivation Code in Instant Protection PLUS 3, then you can confirm that they actually completed the deactivation.

Offline Deactivation with Protection PLUS 4 SDK

For Protection PLUS 4 SDK, when the user types in the activation code response to deactivate the software, after running pp_copydelete(), display a message that the user will have to read to you. Something like "CODE - ABC123 OK"... If the user doesn't execute the function, he won't know what to read to you.  Make this string random based upon today's date so that they can't repeat the process and know what you are looking for as verification.