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What prevents someone from using the SoftwareKey System to activate my software?
Posted by Zach C, Last modified by Tanner O on 31 October 2016 07:59 PM

Other users who have access to Protection PLUS or SOLO Server accounts will only be able to activate their own software, not yours.

With Protection PLUS 5 SDK, there is improved cryptography and security, which includes the use of the encryption envelope. When using a read-only license file, only you (or your SOLO Server account) will have the private data needed to process and activation and create a read-only license file.

For Protection PLUS trigger code activations, you choose (or are assigned) a unique License File password and a random Trigger Code seed. Any other user of Protection PLUS cannot access/activate your application unless you give them your password and/or seed number. For more information, read the article: How can I protect my license file password?

For online activations through SOLO Server, your software will only accept a license from your SOLO Server account, and an activation attempt with a license from any other account will fail.