What Computer ID algorithms should I use for network floating licensing?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Tanner O on 31 October 2016 08:05 PM

We recommend reading our newer post on Controlling Concurrent User Access with Network Floating Licensing and using Protection PLUS 5 SDK. This also gives you the options of implementing Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing when also using SOLO Server.

For Protection PLUS 4 SDK, the Enhanced Computer ID only allows storing a single authorized Computer ID in the license file, which makes it unsuitable for network licensing.

The general approach for network floating licensing is to authorize all workstations using the COMPNO_NETNAME algorithm and authorize the server using other 'local' legacy algorithms (such as COMPNO_WINPRODID+COMPNO_HDSERIAL). This approach requires activating once from one workstation and once on the server to fully license the network.

It is possible to have the server reference the license file via UNC path and use the COMPNO_NETNAME algorithm just like the workstations. Using this approach would require only a single activation to fully license the network.

The COMPNO_SERVER_MACADDR algorithm can be used to bind the license to a specific server, though you must consider of the possibility of redundant Network Interface Cards (NIC) when using this algorithm. This can be used in conjunction with the COMPNO_NETNAME algorithm.