Limiting users on a web application
Posted by Zach C, Last modified by Tanner O on 17 March 2017 03:12 PM

See our blog post for more information: How to Protect a Web Application with Licensing Controls

Due to the nature of the HTTP protocol being stateless, the only way to limit the number of simultaneous users connected to your web application is to implement the concept of a login session in your code and limit the number of active sessions, based upon the value in the License File.

You could use the License Counter field or one of the user-defined fields in the license file to store the number of allowed users for your web application. Many people license their software by the named user, where they limit the number of user records in their database. Protection PLUS would give you the count, but you would handle the limiting in your code by preventing adding users beyond the licensed count. Careful consideration of the session time-out is necessary to minimize the time a user must wait for a session to expire and become available when all sessions in use.