LFEdit's Authorized Computers list displays Computer ID incorrectly (1:0)
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Clay P on 14 April 2015 03:03 PM

LFEdit uses the Product Definition / Properties / EZTrial tab's Hardware Binding settings to determine how to display the Authorized Computers list.

The Enhanced Algorithms only allows for a single authorized Computer ID. Since the Enhanced Computer ID consists of 17 different pieces of hardware/software configuration data stored in an internal structure, it must be authorized on the client PC using a trigger code or by calling pp_copyadd(lfhandle, COPYADD_ENHANCED, 0) / LFile.CPAdd(COPYADD_ENHANCED, 0) .

The Legacy Algorithms allows for 100 authorized Computer IDs, each of which is a 32bit long integer. When using the Legacy Algorithms you can manually authorize or remove Computer IDs from the Authorized Computers list away from the client PC.

The Enhanced and Legacy Computer ID structures share the same location in the license file. When there is a Hardware Binding mismatch between the Product Definition and the Computer ID structure, LFEdit will incorrectly display the Computer ID as zero (1:0). Note that the Hardware Binding settings are stored in the Product Definition and License File. You can use LFRW.exe to see/edit the product definition specific information in the license file that is hidden when using LFEdit.

There is a known issue when opening a license file using the recent files list (under the File menu) where the product definition always defaults to using the Enhanced Algorithms. To avoid this issue, use File / Open License File instead.