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START with These Questions!

We have outlined several questions to help you decide on an approach to licensing.

8 articles

Choosing a Solution

Determine the best combination of SoftwareKey System components for your needs.

6 articles

Videos & Tutorials

See general overviews & walk-though tutorials on how to use the SoftwareKey System.

13 articles

Downloads & Policies

Instructions for software downloads and detailed information regarding policies.

5 articles

General Implementation

Various information to help you get started or understand common issues.

11 articles

Advanced Implementation

Articles describing more specific and advanced implementation topics.

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Licensing Tips

Detailed tips useful to anyone who is licensing their software!

33 articles

Protection PLUS

Our clients are used to implement licensing functionality inside your software.

31 articles

SOLO Server Automation

Our central license server allows you to manage your customers and licenses.

19 articles

Error Codes

Details on any of the error or return codes generated by our software.

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