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Protection PLUS April 2016 Releases
Posted by Tanner O on 19 April 2016 06:14 PM

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version was released on April 18th, 2016 and Instant Protection PLUS 3 version was released on April 21st, 2016!

Learn more details about this release in our related blog post: Protection PLUS April 2016 releases

We encourage you to download the latest version and provide us with any feedback you may have. The changes applied to this release are outlined in the release notes:

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March 2016 Newsletter
Posted by Mary R on 30 March 2016 03:54 PM

Welcome to the quarterly SoftwareKey newsletter!

Our momentum continues with new product releases, upcoming webinars, and published accolades from existing customers whom we have helped become even more successful.

How can we help connect you with the resources you need to increase revenue and save time through automation? We want to hear from you!

FastSpring eCommerce integration

Even though SOLO Server has a shopping cart available, we recognize that some customers want to leverage other shopping carts while using the SoftwareKey System for sophisticated Electronic License Activation and Management. We are very excited to announce an advanced, automated integration between SOLO Server and FastSpring eCommerce. While integration with many other shopping carts is possible, we chose the full integration with FastSpring due to their service popularity and customer demand.

For more information on using FastSpring, or potentially a different eCommerce solution, read our blog post: Choosing an eCommerce System for selling your Licensed Applications

Protection PLUS 5 Winning The Hearts of Customers - New & Old

Protection PLUS 5 SDK adoption continues to grow with both new and existing customers, with positive feedback from both. We took everything we have learned over the past 25 years and built a new SDK from the ground up with very ambitious goals outlined in our manual.

Here are some resources to help you decide if the Protection PLUS 5 SDK is right for you:

Live Webinar: Introduction to Protection PLUS 5 SDK

The Protection PLUS 5 SDK, available in many languages, editions, and platforms, allows software development teams to implement sophisticated software licensing business logic and user interfaces for their applications. The possibilities are limited only by their imagination!

We recently offered this webinar, intended for all audiences, which described and demonstrated the capabilities of these powerful licensing client libraries, both with and without SOLO Server.


The presentation, with an interactive Q & A session immediately afterward, focuses on the following topics:

  • An overview of Protection PLUS 5 SDK license file types
  • Activation models available in Protection PLUS 5 SDK
  • Features and benefits of using the PLUSManagedGui library for .NET languages
  • Generating and using a Protection PLUS 5 SDK encryption envelope
  • Demonstration focused on using License Manager to activate an application without SOLO Server
  • Options for configuring a license in SOLO Server with user-defined parameters

Plus using SOLO Server to:

  • Activate an initial license
  • Update the license parameters and refresh the license on the client's computer
  • Transfer or revoke a license

The Importance of - and an Easier Way - to Test Your Applications

Whether or not you have added licensing controls to your software, testing your application under all of the environments and conditions typical of your customer base is critical.

Our newest blog post outlines some important points to consider when testing your software and explains how technology exists to greatly simplify this process. Only slightly technical, and a quick read that we think you'll appreciate!

Continue to the SoftwareKey Blog for the full article.

New Success Story: Successful Protection PLUS 4 SDK Upgrade to Version 5

We were excited to learn that one of our customers, Noel Carboni, who runs ProDigital Software, wanted to share his story about initially implementing Protection PLUS 4 SDK and later upgrading to Protection PLUS 5 SDK. He talked about the process he used to find and implement his licensing solution and later upgrade to newer licensing technology.

Check out the entire conversation from Noel or read the summary on the right side of the following link: Upgrading: Your Products, Your Licensing, Your Business

Recent Blog Posts

These blog posts have been published since the last SoftwareKey Newsletter:

SoftwareKey System

General Tips

SOLO Server Release

Our development team has been busy with the next round of enhancements surrounding Customer Password security, based on feedback we have from our customers on our previous changes. We feel we have identified a way to achieve the security we want without breaking compatibility with our customers' use of passwords in SOLO Server.

UPDATE: This release was posted on April 1st, 2016! View our blog post for more information!

Latest Product Versions

Instant Protection PLUS 3

Protection PLUS 4 SDK

Protection PLUS 5 SDK

SOLO Server

Ask questions or share your feedback!

In the interest of better serving our customers, SoftwareKey welcomes questions or comments about our company and our products. Feel free to contact us if there is some way we can assist you.

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SOLO Server released!
Posted by Tanner O on 30 March 2016 01:22 PM

SOLO Server was released April 1st, 2016!

All Instant SOLO Server customers were upgraded at this time.

Any self-hosted SOLO Server customer who is interested in upgrading to this release should contact us.

For more information on the new features, please view our blog post.

The full release notes can be found here.

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Protection PLUS December 2015 releases
Posted by Zach C on 21 December 2015 02:22 PM

New releases of all Protection PLUS products are now available as of December 21st, 2015! This includes:

  • Protection PLUS 5 SDK version
  • Instant Protection PLUS 3 version
  • Protection PLUS 4 SDK version

Learn more of the exciting details about these releases in our related blog post: Protection PLUS December 2015 releases

We encourage you to download the latest version(s) and provide us with any feedback you may have! The changes in this release are outlined here:

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SOLO Server released!
Posted by Tanner O on 11 November 2015 09:10 PM

SOLO Server was released November 10th, 2015!

All Instant SOLO Server customers were upgraded at this time.

Any self-hosted SOLO Server customer who is interested in upgrading to this release should contact us.

For more information on the new features, please view our blog post.

The full release notes can be found here.

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