Protection PLUS 5 Encryption Update

As of Protection PLUS 5 SDK version, the SDK now supports RSA 4096-bit encryption as well as the original RSA 1024-bit encryption.

Why 4096-bit encryption?

While 1024-bit RSA encryption is not yet possible to brute-force, with quantum computer technology on the rise it was decided to be proactive and revisit the encryption used by the Protection PLUS 5 SDK.  In addition to updating the encryption key size, we also made changes to our encryption process by using a combination of asymmetric and symmetric encryption.  This allowed us to maintain encryption\decryption speeds close to the speeds of the previous 1024-bit encryption while reaping the benefits of the larger encryption key size.

How do I update my application to use the 4096-bit encryption?

It is simple!  You just need to download version or newer of the Protection PLUS 5 SDK, and update your Encryption Envelope and Envelope Key in your source code!  

Your application will still be able to read licenses encrypted with the older 1024-bit key, and it will automatically update the license file using the newer 4096-bit encryption when activating or refreshing it from SOLO Server. You do not need to make any other code changes.

How do I get the new Envelope from SOLO Server?

You use the same method you previously used, but now there is an additional option for the 4096-bit Envelope Data.

Note that the 4096-bit Envelope Data requires Protection PLUS 5 SDK version or later. If you use an earlier version with this setting, you will get a decryption error.

Downloadable license files

If you allow users to download a license (volume license or otherwise) from the Customer License Portal, you also need to update the Product License Key Size / License Encryption Key field to 4096-bit:

  1. In SOLO Server, use the menu Configure / Products, choose the Product, and then use the Actions / Edit dropdown.
  2. Change the License Key Size setting to the 4096-bit license option
  3. Submit

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