Using UpdateCheck with downloads from SOLO Server

Your software can check whether an update is available and provide the customer with a download option directly from SOLO Server.

The settings for an update will be configured in SOLO Server. When your software makes an UpdateCheck request and an update is available, it can return update information and a download option. You can upload files to SOLO Server, and each license type (Product Option) can be linked to one file.

When using the DownloadFile.aspx page for update downloads, you must create the download URL using the UpdateCheck web service endpoint response.  The template for the URL is:<License ID>&pw=<License Password>

For example:

Sample C# code using Protection PLUS 5 SDK for .NET Edition

UpdateCheck updateChecker = new UpdateCheck();
updateChecker.LicenseID = 123456;     
updateChecker.Password = "password";  
updateChecker.CurrentVersion = "";  //TODO: Update this line to use your application's version number
updateChecker.ProductUpdateName = "My App Update";  //TODO: Update this line of code to use the Product Update Name configured in SOLO Server
if (!updateChecker.CallWebService())
    //TODO: check the LastError property and add error reporting here!
    if (updateChecker.ActionToTake == UpdateCheck.UpdateAction.DownloadHttp && updateChecker.DownloadUrl.PathOrFileName.Contains("DownloadFile.aspx"))
        string fullUrl = $"https://{updateChecker.DownloadUrl.ServerName}{updateChecker.DownloadUrl.PathOrFileName}?l={updateChecker.LicenseID}&pw={updateChecker.Password}";
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