Can I protect files or other media from being copied?

The SoftwareKey System focuses on protecting software, and would not be used to protect individual files or content such as media, documents, or data files. Our solution can be used to license software applications.

Although the physical copying of the media or software cannot be prevented with Protection PLUS, a protected application will not run unless it is properly activated. Each time a protected application is run, it can be forced to check that it has a valid license. This license check can't be performed on content/media files. The license check allows you to protect an application that could be used to decrypt content files instead of protecting the content itself, but this means you would need a proprietary file format for your content files. 

Our solution gives you control over the application, and you control who can activate your application, either by issuing licenses through SOLO Server or processing activations manually.

A user could download or copy your software from any other media/storage device, but when they run it on any computer, it will perform a license check and prompt them to activate it, and a successful activation will lock the license to that particular computer or grant access through another license type. If they copy the software to another computer, it will prompt them for a new activation. If they copy an activated license file to another computer, it will recognize that the license file doesn't match the computer it is being run on, and will prompt for a new activation. This is how the system prevents installation on unauthorized computers.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK

Protection PLUS 5 SDK System Identification manual topic.

For implementation, Refer to the manual topics for Adding Basic Copy Protection (PLUSManaged or PLUSNative).

Instant Protection PLUS 3

Instant Protection PLUS 3 Copy Protection manual topic.

In the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wizard, you simply need to enable the Lock my Application to the PC it is activated on option and in most cases, you can leave the Copy Protection Options at their default settings.

Protection PLUS 4 SDK

Refer to the manual topic on Copy Protection for more implementation information.

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