What does Instant Protection PLUS 3 support?

Instant Protection PLUS 3 is a licensing toolkit that is designed to make adding licensing and copy-protection to your Windows desktop applications quicker and easier.

Two methods for adding licensing to your application(s):

  1. The Instant Protection PLUS 3 wrapper injects a runtime into an existing application, but currently only supports 32-bit Win32 PE files (LabVIEW, Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, most applications and DLLs not written in .NET). You can read more about the wrapper compatibility in this manual topic.
  2. The Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL may be called with any programming environment which can call standard Windows DLLs, including .NET applications. You can read more about the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL and view sample tutorials for different languages.

General features (available when wrapping or using the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL):

  • Primary Licensing Applications
    • Create trials, rentals, pay-per-use applications
    • Immediate software activation over the Internet (with SOLO Server) or via phone or email
    • Extend a trial or license subscription for an additional period of time
    • Support feature based licensing for trials and activated licenses
    • Increase or decrease a usage counter
    • Detect clock backdating or trial reinstallation and prevent gaining additional usage
    • Set triggers on most any user-defined action
  • Enforce License Compliance
    • Copy Protection
    • Lock the application to run on the current computer or for the current user
    • Terminate subscription applications that are not paid
    • Disable an illegal copy or turn it back into a trial
    • Force returned software or fraudulent purchases to stop working (with SOLO Server)
  • Electronic License Management (with SOLO Server)
    • Automated software activation through the Internet
    • Determine Internet connection state
    • Query for new version availability
    • Automatically prompt update notifications and offer download through FTP or HTTP
    • Change license features or revoke licenses automatically the next time user is online
    • Send OR receive full registered user information
    • Track usage of application—counters, features, pay-per-use
    • Track trial evaluator information for marketing purposes
    • Update or disable licenses remotely

Features only available when wrapping (for Win32 applications):

  • Protect Win32 PE files (Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, most applications and DLLs not written in .NET)
    • Compress & encrypt
    • Protect from being modified by any means in order to change their functionality
    • Check for integrity at startup
    • Protect process space, which holds a protected executable, from being dumped by process dumping tools or modified
    • Protect an executable from being disassembled and analyzed by debuggers
    • Protect an executable from being patched on disc
    • Protect code, data, and resources stored in an executable from being analyzed and modified by hex editors
    • Protection from many debuggers and decompilers
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