How do I add test licenses that are not billed?

Test licenses are used to test the shopping cart and/or test the activation of your software. Test licenses can be added both during your evaluation and after you activate your SOLO Server account.

SOLO Server provides two mechanisms to create test licenses. Please refer to these manual topics:

Note that test licenses are available for your development and testing needs as you may deem necessary, and test licenses should not be distributed to customers. At the end of each calendar month, all test licenses are purged from SOLO Server. You will not be charged a per license or per activation fee for test licenses.

If a customer record only has test licenses attached to it when those licenses are purged, that customer record is also deleted along with the test license(s). Customer records with no licenses are not deleted.

All other non-test (or "live") licenses created in SOLO Server (regardless of how the licenses are created) will not be purged and can result in account charges/fees being assessed to your SOLO Server account. In SOLO Server, use the menu Reports / Monthly Statements and Account Usage to see your usage and fee summary.

There are various ways of creating non-test licenses, including, but certainly not limited to the following examples: Manually adding a license, processing an order without using the test credit card number, or performing web service calls.

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