Can I delete Products or Product Options?

In SOLO Server, there is not an option to completely delete Products or Product Options, as this would cause issues for any licenses generated from that Product or Product Option. 

To disable a Product or Product Option from the catalog, use the drop-down Actions / Edit on the Product or Product Option page, uncheck the Enabled checkbox setting, and submit your change. Setting a Product or Option to disabled also automatically sets it to Hidden.

When disabled, any integrated eCommerce order containing the Product / Option will be declined, and the Option will be hidden from ordering pages and drop-down menus. This will not affect existing licenses generated from that Product or Option.

Disabling helps clean-up your product catalog, and allows you to still access those old products if necessary. 

If you would like to see Disabled products, go to  Configure / Products then click the Disabled checkbox on the right side. Wait for the page to refresh to see the disabled products. The status column will list whether each Product or Option is Active, Hidden, or Disabled.

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