Why do I see the message 'This account is not enabled for full eCommerce functionality and restrictions apply.'

When your Instant SOLO Server account is first set up, you must be logged into the Author Administration interface when browsing your product catalog and test the SOLO Server Shopping Cart.  If you attempt to go to the product catalog or use the Shopping Cart without being logged in through another browser tab or browser instance (which can be minimized), you will see the message "We're sorry, but we are unable to accept payments at this time."

You need to choose a merchant account and compatible payment gateway and contact us with this information. Once your Instant SOLO Server account is activated for eCommerce, your product catalog can be viewed by anonymous browsers, who can also purchase online with a credit card.

You still need to be authenticated in the Author Administration interface to place test orders. These are both security measures to prevent someone who knows the test credit card number to "buy" your product through the Shopping Cart without being logged in.

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