Move / transfer license to a new computer

We allow you to transfer your Protection PLUS license to a new computer, and you can allow your own customers to do the same. 

There are different ways to deactivate a license on one computer so that the activation is available to be used on another computer:

Deactivate through the currently licensed computer

If you still have access to the computer that needs to be deactivated, use the following steps depending on your licensing client:

Instant Protection PLUS 3

  1. On the computer to be deactivated, click Start / All Programs / SoftwareKey Licensing System / Instant Protection PLUS 3 / Deactivate Workstation. Alternatively, open Instant Protection PLUS 3, and click the menu Help / Deactivate Workstation. You will be prompted to confirm the deactivation in either case. You can also deactivate remotely through the Customer License Portal.
  2. Install and activate Instant Protection PLUS 3 on your new machine. You will need to copy your Instant Protection PLUS 3 Projects (*.ipp files) from the previously activated computer.

See this topic for more details.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK (License Manager only)

  1. On the computer to be deactivated, open License Manager, and click the menu Help / Activate Protection PLUS 5 SDK. In the Actions section, choose Deactivate this workstation and click Next. It will confirm if the deactivation is processed successfully.
  2. Install and activate License Manager on your new machine. You will need to load your encryption key data into License Manager.

Remote deactivation through Customer License Portal

If you do not have access to the computer that needs to be activated due to a crash or hard drive being formatted, you have the option of deactivating remotely through the customer license portal. This option is available if you activated online, but does not include offline trigger code activations which use a manual exchange of numeric codes. To deactivate remotely:

  1. Log into the customer license portal.
  2. Click on the Licenses and Activations option.
  3. Click on the license that needs to be transferred.
  4. Click the Manage Installation button at the bottom.
  5. In the Status column, you can click the red X button to deactivate a particular installation.
    1. If you do not see a deactivate option, please contact us. You may simply have run out of Deactivations.
    2. If there are multiple installations and you are unsure which one corresponds to the computer you want to deactivate, you can look up the Installation IDs on active computers by going to the Help / About or Help / Activate menu for that Protection PLUS product (Instant Protection PLUS 3 or License Manager).
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