What are my options for integrating an existing shopping cart with SOLO Server?

Existing companies that already have a shopping cart and eCommerce solution or do not wish to sell their software online can still benefit from the vast license management features of SOLO Server. You can refer to this manual topic for more information, or read similar information below:

If you wish to use SOLO Server with another shopping cart, there are several ways to send customers License information to activate their purchase:

  1. You can log into SOLO Server and bulk create License Keys for your product that can be used by your customers to activate their software 24 hours a day.  If your shopping cart supports the feature to give out a "serial number" for each quantity purchased, you can load these serial numbers into the shopping cart and have it send the customers their License information in their transaction receipt.
  2. When an order comes in, manually send an email to the customer with the next available License Key from your list, or create one at a time by going to Customers / Add Single then click on Add License on the Customer Details page (after the Customer record has been created).
  3. SOLO Server has web services available to add licenses into the system on demand.  See if your shopping cart has a way to push an order notification to a website.  Create a custom script to respond to these notifications and have it create the License Key in SOLO (using the web service interfaces) and send out an email to the customer with the license and download information. This script could be written by someone on your team or ours. 
  4. Alternatively, you can write a post-order processing system that scans new orders through the shopping cart and sends out a second email to the customer with their License information (again, using the SOLO Server web service interfaces to create the License IDs.
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