My product logo and/or splash screen images are not displaying.

The Instant Protection PLUS 3 runtime doesn't know it is injected inside of a DLL versus an application file. It also can't determine during runtime the path of the DLL. However, it can determine the path of the calling application file. If you place these bitmaps in the path of the application file, it should be able to display both the custom splash screen and product logo.

When using the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL, these bitmaps should be located in the same directory as IP2Lib32.dll and IP2Lib64.dll. This allows you to use these features in a third-party add-in without installing your images to the third-party's executable directory. It is recommended to install these DLLs to the application directory if possible to avoid version conflicts. If you do not install these DLLs to the application directory and would still like to include these bitmaps in your application directory, you can rename IP2Lib32.dll and/or IP2Lib64.dll to force it to fall back to the application directory. It is also possible to use the FLAGS_USE_XML_PATH (4) flag in the CallIP or CallIpEx function call to treat the directory containing the encrypted XML file as the application directory.

Read more about Deployment when using the Instant PLUS DLL.

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