Using a single application with multiple Product Options

When you go through the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wizard, you must choose a Product and Product Option in SOLO Server from which to synchronize settings. If you have a single application that has multiple product options, simply use the Actions / Duplicate feature on the Product Option Details page for the product you synced to, and your application will now also be synced to the duplicated product option. You can change various settings on the new product option, but do not change the Trigger Code Seed, RegKey 2 Seed, and OffAct Key (offline activation key) values. See this manual topic for more details.

By default, the Product Purchase Link will also direct the user to the SOLO Server shopping cart with the synchronized Product Option already added. However, when you want to sell multiple options for your product, you may want to let the customer choose what option they want. If you want to sell different versions, you can create a custom landing page on your brochure website and update the Product Purchase Link to link to that custom landing page. The landing page would have multiple purchase links, one adding each Product Option into the SOLO Server shopping cart using the links listed on the Store / Generate Ordering Links page.

If you are not using SOLO Server, then you would just need to use the same .ipp file to activate the customer manually, and you would choose the activation type (trigger code) each time you process an activation.

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