Why do customers receive error 5033 when activating software?

SOLO Server will return error code 5033 for all software activation requests when the software publisher's account has been closed with SoftwareKey.com.

Will existing activated licenses continue to validate?

Yes - when properly configured activated software licenses validate their license with SOLO Server, the same license status will be returned for both activated and cancelled accounts.  

Why was this change made?

Software publishers who established a relationship with SoftwareKey.com to distribute and activate software licenses granted specific permissions to SoftwareKey.com.

After careful legal review, SoftwareKey.com has been advised that when a publisher cancels their online account, the permission granted to activate software is no longer valid. Therefore, in the interest of maintaining a healthy legal relationship with its current and past customers, it has become necessary to disable new activation responses on closed SOLO Server accounts.

What can be done to eliminate error 5033?

The software publisher can contact us to re-open their account so that activation requests can be once again enabled.

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