Error 9103: Exception Code 8 Validation with license server required to continue

LFEdit and Instant Protection PLUS 3 require license validation with the server quarterly. "Error 9103: Exception Code 8 - Validation with license server required to continue" signifies the application could not communicate with our licensing server.  This can be caused by many things such as a firewall or proxy server.

If the communication with the licensing server is being blocked by a firewall or proxy, the Web Proxy Support, Proxy Authentication, and Troubleshooting Knowledgebase article may help.

Ideally, it would be nice to allow the communication with the server so this error does not repeat.  However, if you need to get things working as soon as possible, hold the shift key while launching LFEdit or Instant Protection PLUS 3 to bring up the dialog that gives you the option to activate.  You can then click the option to activate from another computer to complete the activation process through a web browser (you can do this on the same computer if your browser can reach  The activation will reset the count until the next validation is required, and as the activation is for the same computer, it will not decrement the allowed activations for the license.

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