My application crashes on startup when wrapped with Instant Protection PLUS 3.

This can occasionally happen depending on the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings on the system. 

To add an exception to Instant Protection PLUS 3 for DEP:

  1. Go to "System" in control panel 
  2. Click Advanced System settings 
  3. Click the Advanced tab if not already active 
  4. Click the Settings button under the Performance section 
  5. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab
  6. If DEP is turned on for all programs (second radio button) then you can add an exception to your wrapped application to see if it fixes the issue. 

Anti-virus software can sometimes conflict or interfere with the application. Try disabling any anti-virus software and running the application.  If the application executes properly, you can usually add the application's executable file to the anti-virus software's exception list.

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