How do I fix error 9205 with an application protected with Instant Protection PLUS 3?

Error 9205 occurs when the validation of the license alias file time has failed due to mismatch.  An "Alias" is just a hidden copy of the license file, and they store the last date and time the application was used. If the current system clock is ever before the time that was previously saved in the alias, it will result in this time mismatch. Our licensing sees this as an attempt by the user to backdate the system clock, which they potentially could do to try to gain additional usage of time-limited licenses or trials.

If your system clock is indeed accurate, the system date may have been set forward, and then set back to the correct date. Our licensing still sees this as backdating.

You can correct/reset this error by issuing an activation code for Trigger Code 48, which can be done through a manual activation (if you allow that option). Otherwise, you can create a Product Option in SOLO Server that uses Trigger Code 48, then generate and activate with that type of license. This will reset the licenses so the user should be able to activate their license normally, without issue. 

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