Instant Protection PLUS 3 is unable to wrap my application.

First, does the output folder  have  write permissions? Make sure you are not outputting the wrapped application to a folder where there are not sufficient permissions.

If you receive an "Incompatible file format detected" message, then the wrapper is not compatible with your file format. There are many different types of EXE formats, and most Win32 PE format files that are not .NET can be directly injected/wrapped by the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wizard.  If your application is incompatible file format, you can still use the licensing benefits through the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL interface. Read about the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL interface. We provide various samples that show you how to call our DLL.

If you are having other issues with the wrapper, such as your program not running correct after it has been wrapped, try turning off all the wrapper settings, then re-wrap your application. If it is working, check the wrapper settings one at a time while wrapping and testing the application each time a setting is enabled.

If you are wrapping a DLL, you may need to enable the "I am wrapping a DLL" option to avoid possible freezes or hangs.

If you are still experiencing issues when wrapping your application, please contact us and provide the following:

  • Did you attempt to wrap the application with the wrapper settings disabled as described above?
  • If there is a file named t.log in the output folder, please include it.
  • The development environment. For example, "Native 32-bit C++ application built with Visual Studio 2017".
  • The Operating System 
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