How can I send warning emails to customers before their subscription license or maintenance expires?

SOLO Server can automatically send customized mailings to your customers based on certain conditions or triggers.

For licenses, maintenance, or support subscriptions with an expiration date, there are two potential mailing types you can send that are triggered based on the expiration:

Each has different variables/parameters you can use. The Customer Subscription Expiration Mailing is good if the customer has multiple licenses that may expire on the same day, as it lists a table with all licenses that have expiration dates. The Subscription Expiration Notification Mailing sends a separate email per license, even if they expire on the same day.

Once you have configured a mailing, a daily process needs to be configured using the Mailing ID. If you are using our hosted SOLO Server, you will need to contact us and provide the Daily Process Input Elements you want to use. 

For example, you can choose 30 for the DaysToExpiration and tell us what Products or Options this should apply to, and the daily process will run each morning (CST) and send the email to the customer if they have a license that expires 30 days from the current date.

Can I email all my customers?

SOLO Server cannot send bulk emails to all your customers. For a newsletter or marketing email type of email, we recommend a marketing email service. You can export a list of all your customer's emails by using the Export Customers Report.

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