Introduction to Protection PLUS 5 SDK

The Protection PLUS 5 SDK, available in many languages, editions, and platforms, allows software development teams to implement sophisticated software licensing business logic and user interfaces for their applications. The possibilities are limited only by their imagination!

This video covers the following topics:

  • Available Protection PLUS packages and installed components
  • Supported licensing approaches
  • An overview of Protection PLUS 5 SDK license file types
  • Activation models available in Protection PLUS 5 SDK
  • Generating and using a Protection PLUS 5 SDK encryption envelope
  • Options for configuring a license in SOLO Server with user-defined parameters
  • Using SOLO Server to: Activate an initial license, Update the license parameters and refresh the license on the client’s computer, Transfer or revoke a license
  • Demonstration focused on using License Manager to activate an application without SOLO Server

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