Tutorial: Managing SOLO Server users and groups

Staff members who need to log into SOLO Server must be assigned their own User ID and Password. Each user can be assigned specific permissions and notifications within SOLO Server, such as the ability to add or edit licenses. The User ID is also logged for certain actions performed in SOLO Server, allowing you to see who added or last modified a record.

You can create a customized Welcome Mailing that is automatically sent to the user when their User ID is created. We recommend using text similar to the following:

<p>Dear [varName],</p><br>
<p>A new SOLO Server account has been created for you.</p><br>
<p>Your UserID is: [varUserID].</p><br>
<p>Please use the following link to create a password: [varResetURL]</p><br>
<p>After setting your password, use this link to login: [varLoginURL]</p>

More information on managing users and groups can be found in the SOLO Server manual.

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