Best practices for sending emails through SOLO Server Automation

The SoftwareKey System has many features to automate license management for your company, including sending various email notifications to your customers. Because the content and branding are completely customizable, there are important considerations for choosing the "from" address of these emails. Please check out our blog post Maximizing email deliverability with SOLO Server Automation for background information.

If emails from your SOLO Server Automation account are not being delivered, the problem is most likely caused by your IT department using SPF or DMARC policies to prevent anyone from impersonating your company to send malicious or phishing emails (which can lure unsuspecting users into providing sensitive information to hackers).

Checklist for properly configuring DNS for your company

Our company uses a commercial 3rd-party service for sending emails, and they have a mechanism in place to configure your company's Domain Name Service (DNS) records to reliably send emails on behalf of your company.

  1. In SOLO Server Automation, go to Configure / Mailings (Email templates) and verify all of your mailing templates use the same domain name for the "from" email address.
  2. Find out who administers DNS for your company and have them contact us. If you don't know what DNS is, contact your IT administrator and ask them. If you don't have an IT administrator, you will likely need to go to the registrar for your domain name, as they are often the company that controls your DNS records.

Already using

If you have previously configured your DNS zone to, our email sending provider has optimized the way email sending domains are validated. Once you have verified that your account is using the same email domain for all "from" addresses, simply contact us for further instructions.

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