Can I delete a License ID?

In SOLO Server, there is not an option to completely delete a License ID. The exception is for test licenses (see below).

Deleting a license would not allow us to keep a history of usage (which we need to bill for our services), and mistakenly deleting licenses could result in significant issues for your customers.

To  disable a license, use the drop-down Actions: License / Edit on the License Details page, and set the Status to Expired (or another Status other than OK or Upgrade). 

See this page for more details on editing licenses.

Test Licenses

When using SOLO Server Shared URL, test licenses are automatically deleted at the beginning of each month. Test licenses are for internal testing purposes only and should not be given to customers.

If a customer record only has test licenses attached to it, that customer record is also deleted along with the test license(s). Customer records with no licenses are not deleted, and non-test licenses are never deleted.

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