Don't Forget About the EULA!

As you prepare to launch your new software, you’re pre-occupied with multiple important final steps. Though you’re insanely busy, it’s still important that you don’t forget about the EULA!

One of the proverbial “loose ends” which you really need to tie up prior to the release of your software, the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) is a legally enforceable contract between the software author and the end-user of the software.


For our blog, we enlisted the assistance of an experienced Intellectual Property attorney to discuss a handful of items you should consider when writing a EULA for your software product, including:

  • Definitions of Copyright Protection, Software Patents, Trade Secrets
  • What is Intellectual Property (IP); what is Licensing?
  • Two types of EULAs and the four noble truths of a EULA
  • How can I get started with EULA language?
  • Where should I place my EULA?
  • The importance of recording who is agreeing to what and when
  • Do I need to disclose background communication for license validation?
  • Am I allowed to revoke software licenses from non-paying customers?

Check out the first of our four-part blog series:

Ever Heard of Eula, Texas? Part 1 of 4: Important considerations when developing an End-User License Agreement

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