I'm prompted to activate again after re-wrapping or saving a new XML file

When using Instant Protection PLUS 3, if you are prompted to activate again after re-wrapping your application or saving a new XML file for the DLL interface, this would be due to the IPP3 setting Reset licenses when injecting/wrapping or saving XML.

You can find this setting under the Instant Protection PLUS 3 menu Tools / Options / General : Reset licenses when injecting/wrapping or saving XML, and there is no harm in disabling it. You can also trigger this manually by using the menu Product / Reset Product Licenses.

The reset only affects your development computer that has Instant Protection PLUS 3 installed. It is meant to make testing easier by clearing the local license files for this particular application, which is determined by the current .ipp project file that is open. See this topic for our recommendations on testing.

Whenever you have a new release of your software, you will be able to wrap anew build or save a new XML file, and any customers who have already activated will be able to continue using their existing license without having to activate again. This will still be the case even with the above setting enabled, as again, it only affects the license files on your local computer.

If you do want existing customers to be required to activate a new build of your software, such as for a major new release, see our Licensing Different Applications or Updated Versions topic.

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