What programming languages are supported?

Languages That Can Call Our Advanced SDK Libraries

Our advanced licensing client, Protection PLUS 5 SDK, supports most languages capable of calling our libraries. The following Editions are available for Protection PLUS 5 SDK:

  • .NET Edition - Windows, macOS (Mono Framework), Linux (Mono Framework). Support for .NET Standard.
  • Native Edition - Windows, macOS , Linux
  • Java Edition - Windows, macOS , Linux
  • Android Edition - Android
  • Linux Edition for ARMv7 - Raspberry Pi
  • LabVIEW Edition - Windows,  macOS  , Linux

See the System Requirements for more details.

Windows Desktop Applications

If you are protecting a Windows desktop application, we have our easier to use wizard-based license clients.

Instant Protection PLUS 3 supports wrapping most Win32 PE files (does not include .NET or 64-bit applications), but any application that can call our IP2lib32.DLL or IP2lib64.DLL is supported when using the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL interface. We include a variety of samples for this.

We also have AutoCrypt SL which is able to wrap both 32 and 64 bit exes, including . NET exes.

 Read our post on Choosing a Wizard-Based Licensing Client for more comparison information.

Can I protect code written in scripted / interpreted languages?

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