Question 3: Do you understand the full scope of your licensing implementation and/or have a completed use-case document?

It is very common for someone to ask how much does it cost? and how long will it take for implementation? There is no "one size fits all" answer to these questions because every customer's needs are different

Why a Use-Case Document is Necessary

Documenting your business objectives with detailed use-case documentation is critically important to the success of any license implementation, no matter if your development team is taking ownership of the project or you are working with a trusted third party. It is also required to determine a level of effort in the licensing design and implementation. Please take a moment to read through this blog article to understand why: Take time to save time: 4 reasons to list licensing requirements

How to Create a Use-Case Document

Here are a couple resources that we recently found through a quick online search:

The most important thing is to "tell the story" that illustrates the full workflow you expect to cover the needs of your customers and staff members, as well as integration with all other systems within your organization. In some cases, this is a lengthy document!

Your licensing project manager should outline all business objectives from each of the stakeholders and begin to outline the user stories as use-cases. Your licensing architect will verify enough specificity is present before discussing the implementation plan with the development team.

Want an Expert Review of your Documentation?

Are you missing a licensing project manager or architect?  Team SoftwareKey has Professional Services to review your use-case documentation and help determine the best next steps.

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