Question 5: Would you benefit from a Team SoftwareKey Assessment?

So you have decided to take a stab at writing your own use-case documentation and might wonder if you have enough details outlined. Chances are you probably don't!

Working in the field of software licensing for nearly 29 years brings LOTS of opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them. SoftwareKey has worked with thousands of software companies - large and small - and we are always eager to not only share our experiences but also learn from your ideas and desires. After all, we take pride in the number of amazing relationships we have formed with our customers.

Whether you are a startup or established company, moving from another licensing solution or just starting with licensing, there can be a lot of considerations before selecting an approach to licensing - let alone beginning the implementation.

While our team can assist your team in many ways through professional services, the best way to get started is an initial assessment. The goal of the assessment is to directly connect your team with our senior-level licensing solution architect to:

Discuss the team members you have assigned to the various roles of the project, including Project Manager and Architect. What is their relevant experience with the concepts of license implementation? Do they have what it takes to lead a successful project or do you want to understand more how Team SoftwareKey can be used for these roles and get you to the finish line quicker?
Review the current state of use-case documentation, including if there is enough detail in the existing documentation. Provide some high-level initial guidance on the use-cases already defined and point out what is still needed.
Explain how to properly build a product catalog to meet the requirements of your use cases. There are multiple ways to do the same thing and there are often pros and cons to each approach.
Discuss high-level workflow on the full license key life-cycle - how are licenses sold, generated, distributed, and delivered. How are licenses created, monitored, monetized, renewed, refreshed, maintained, revoked. How are external systems used to trigger licensing events and how do licensing events trigger external systems?
Estimate both the type and frequency of communication to the central license server so as to determine transactional usage.
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