Evaluating the Protection PLUS 5 SDK sample applications

To see the SoftwareKey System technology in action, we provide an assortment of sample projects that demonstrate different licensing features and functionality. This allows you to quickly "kick the tires" of our solution so you can then confidently decide to move forward.

Downloading the SDK and Sample Applications

To begin your evaluation, request and download our free trial, which includes the sample applications. After you complete your trial account signup by email, you can access the Protection PLUS 5 SDK downloads through the "Download Client Software" tab:

If you already have a license for Protection PLUS 5 SDK, you can download the installer from the Customer License Portal.

Once you have downloaded and installed Protection PLUS 5 SDK, you will need to unzip the sample applications to a folder (Windows). Run Protection PLUS 5 SDK from the Start menu or desktop icon and click on the Sample Projects button. For other platforms, the samples will be included in the download.

This will open Windows Explorer to the %PUBLIC%\Documents\SoftwareKey\Protection PLUS 5\Samples directory, which contains the zipped samples. Unzip the sample projects to a folder of your choice.

The manual includes tutorials for many of these samples that step you through various common steps, such as activating online, refreshing a license, and activating manually. Listed below are samples with tutorials that demonstrate this core functionality, as well as additional samples that demonstrate other licensing features available when using Protection PLUS 5 SDK.

Licensing Sample

Activating (both online and offline), deactivating and refreshing a license are standard features included in most node-locked applications. Watch the following video to quickly see this demonstrated using our Licensing Sample project:

The following written topics walk you through license activation, deactivation and license refreshing using our sample projects ( PLUSManaged and PLUSNative):

Feature-Based Licensing Sample

Custom parameters can be used to license software by feature or designate other license entitlements. Watch the following video to quickly see this demonstrated using one of our sample projects:

There are multiple ways to configure custom license data in SOLO Server, including user-defined fields, custom parameter sets, and custom-developed pages. The following sample project demonstrates all of these approaches and shows the flexibility that custom parameters provide:

Network Floating / Concurrent Licensing Samples

Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing is a flexible, secure, and fast way to license users on a concurrent basis when an internet connection is available. The following samples demonstrate this functionality using the pre-configured SOLO Server Test Author account:

Web Application Samples

There are many ways you can protect a web application with licensing controls, and the following samples demonstrate the standard functionality of activating and deactivating a web application:

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