Getting started with Instant Protection PLUS 3

Understanding the SoftwareKey System

If you are new to software licensing or unfamiliar with our solution, start here. Learn about the general concepts of licensing and the features of Instant Protection PLUS 3 and SOLO Server, and test how the system works with our Sample Applications.

  1. SoftwareKey System Overview - The SoftwareKey System is a complete, turnkey solution for software licensing, online license management, automated online software activation, and optionally selling software online.
  2. Licensing Overview and Defining License Requirements - Software can be licensed in many ways, and you need to decide what is best suited for your applications and your customer.
  3. Demo Application - We include a basic Demo Application with tutorials that demonstrates various features of Instant Protection PLUS 3 and SOLO Server Automation. The included resources walk you through using some of these features, making it easy to quickly see our solution in action. See Evaluating Instant Protection PLUS 3 for more details.

Implementing Instant Protection PLUS 3

If you are ready to implement licensing functionality into your application, refer to this section for technical resources and references.

Once you have downloaded and installed Instant Protection PLUS 3, a license dialog will pop up. If you are evaluating, choose the Evaluate option, otherwise, you can Purchase and Activate. This license dialog is the same functionality that you will be applying to your software.

You will be creating a project with various license settings. This is saved as a .ipp file. The wizard will walk you through various steps and provide information for each option. Each step is also listed in the manual. To get started, you can leave most settings at their default.

On the Integration Method step, you will choose to apply the licensing functionality to your application using either the Wrapper Interface or the DLL Interface. When using the wrapper, no source code changes are required. When using the DLL, you can refer to the function reference and various samples to help you add the necessary function call to your source code.

Most questions or issues can addressed by referring to our manuals. Below are some highlighted topics as well as other helpful online resources:

I need help and support

Team SoftwareKey is here to help in any capacity that you need. Go to Engaging with SoftwareKey Professional Services for more information.

Is there another licensing client option?

If you need to license a Windows desktop application, we have another wizard-based licensing client called AutoCrypt SL. It also has a wrapper interface, but its wrapper can be used on .NET and 64-bit applications. See this post for more comparison information between Instant Protection PLUS 3 and AutoCrypt SL.

We also have our advanced licensing client: Protection PLUS 5 SDK. This toolkit gives you complete control over the licensing implementation and supports a variety of platforms and programming languages. See this post for comparison information between Instant Protection PLUS 3 and Protection PLUS 5 SDK.

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