Struggling with software licensing? The SoftwareKey System explained.

Are you struggling to find a solution for software licensing and copy-protection? The SoftwareKey System allows you to enforced the licensed usage of your software and automate the distribution and activation of licenses you sell to your customers.

How can the SoftwareKey System help?

As a software publisher, you want to make sure that only customers who pay for your software are allowed to use it. But how do you enforce this? You may find yourself in a similar situation:

The SoftwareKey System can help you:

  • DETER THEFT: Increase your revenue by enforcing license compliance
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Saves you time and money through easy implementation and automated management
  • SATISFY REQUIREMENTS: Makes your customers happy with flexible licensing and activation options

To do this, you will implement our licensing functionality into your software, and you can also use our central license server to easily manage all your customers and licenses.

Why choose SoftwareKey?

We have been in business for over 30 years, and have developed a robust system of products and services to meet your specific licensing needs. Whether you want the fastest and easiest solution to start offering subscription licenses to your customers, or if you have highly complex or custom licensing needs, we have an option for you.

The high level of support and guidance we provide to our customers sets us apart from our competition, as we consider your success to be our success. You are not just a number to us, and our customers agree that our combination of products, services, and support made us the best choice for them:

The SoftwareKey Process

We encourage you to engage with our support team to help assist you in choosing and using the SoftwareKey System.

Evaluating the SoftwareKey System

We offer a free trial our our solution, which includes both our licensing clients as well as our central license server, SOLO Server Automation. When you request our free trial, you will be sent an email to complete your signup for a free hosted SOLO Server Automation trial account.

Request your free trial!

Once you complete the signup and log into your account, you will have download access to all our licensing clients, which is the component you'll use to implement the licensing and copy-protection functionality into your application(s). You can choose which licensing client to use based on your needs:

For the license server, your trial account will be using our hosted SOLO Server Shared URL. We also have a dedicated hosting, as well as an option to self host the license server:

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