Choosing a Licensing Client

To add licensing functionality into your software, you will need to use one of our licensing clients, which is the "Protection" part of the SoftwareKey System.

You can read our Licensing Client: Wizard-Based or Advanced SDK post to help you decide, which is summarized below with some additional links.

Simple Wizard-Based Licensing Clients

Using one of our wizard-based licensing clients makes tapping into thousands of lines of licensing code quick and easy work. Akin to a paint-by-numbers set, the step-by-step guidance will have you on your way with little to no source code changes or programming experience.
The following post compares our two wizard-based clients: Instant Protection PLUS 3 and AutoCrypt SL: Choosing a Wizard-Based Licensing Client
To quickly evaluate these licensing clients, view the following posts:

Advanced SDK Licensing Clients

Consists of application programming interfaces (APIs) to give your development team complete control and flexibility over the licensing business logic and user interface. Although sample applications are included to help you get started, your development team has a blank canvas and the APIs are their palette and paintbrush.

To quickly evaluate our advanced client, Protection PLUS 5 SDK, view the following post:

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