Getting Started with SOLO Server Automation

Our central license server, SOLO Server Automation, allows you to monitor the usage of your software, automates the license distribution and activation process, and allows you to easily manage your customers and licenses.

When you request our free trial, you will be sent an email with the subject "[Your Trial]  Get started with the SoftwareKey System trial here". 

This email has a link to create your own trial SOLO Server account:

Once you have your account, the first step is to get logged in and try out the interface, and you will also have access to download our licensing clients.

Choose a Licensing Client

To enforce license entitlements in your software, you will use one of our licensing clients to implement that functionality into your software. On the SOLO Server Author Home page, there is a section labeled Quickly Evaluate with a short quiz to help you choose which licensing client to start with, and a Download Client Sofware section to download the installer.

You can start by using our pre-configured samples and tutorials, which will actually connect to our generic SOLO Server Test Author account. From there, you can make slight modifications to the included samples to test the same functionality in your own SOLO Server account, and apply the licensing functionality to your own applications.

Create a Product

When using your own SOLO Server account, one of the first steps is to define the types of licenses you want to offer for your software. To do this, SOLO Server has a Product Catalog, which is a two-level hierarchy made up of Products and Product Options.

A Product is an application that you are licensing, and a Product Option is a type of license for that Product. For example, you could have a Product for "XYZ Application", and different Options under that Product for a "Non-expiring License", "1-year License", etc. 

Once you've saved your first Product and Product Option, you will be able to generate a license from that Product Option.

Create a Test License

In SOLO Server, there are many ways to generate and distribute licenses. For evaluation or testing purposes, you can create a test license. This functions in the same way as a non-test license, but all test licenses are purged from the server each month, so they should only be used for internal testing.

Once you have created a license, you can use the generated License ID and Activation Password to activate your software.

Additional Features

There are many more features available in SOLO Server, such as our integrated eCommerce, Customer License Portal, customizing mailings, web services, and reporting data.

Purchasing the SoftwareKey System

After using our tutorials and sample applications, or potentially implementing our licensing into your own application(s), you should be able to determine if the SoftwareKey System is the solution you need.

Many of our customers choose one of our standard monthly plans, which includes access to our licensing clients and a hosted license server account. We also have options for dedicated and self-hosted instances of our license server.


If you want dedicated support in configuring SOLO Server or reviewing your settings, our Jump-Start Professional Services are available for a higher level of dedicated support.

You can schedule one free consultation to discuss your licensing requirements and how the SoftwareKey System can meet your needs.

For any general questions, you can contact us.

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