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We are glad that you are almost ready to purchase the SofwareKey System! You can also review the information below, and if you are still unsure what you need to purchase, please contact us for assistance!

Most of our customers purchase one of our monthly subscriptions:

Pricing for the SoftwareKey Solution

This includes a hosted SOLO Server Shared URL account, access to our licensing clients, and all the licensing features and functionality most of our customers need.

If you are interested in a dedicated hosted license server, or want to self-host the license server, see our Choosing a License Server topic.

Which monthly plan should I buy?

We offer three standard plans, and each plan includes access to all of our licensing clients, as well as a hosted SOLO Server Shared URL account.

The main difference between the plans is the amount of usage included.

  • There are a set number of activations and API Transactions included each month. After that, the overage rate of $1.50 per additional activation and $1 per additional 1000 API Transactions. There is no limit on the number of activations or API Transactions.
    • An activation typically occurs when your customer activates a node-locked license on a new device. See our Activation Overview video for details of this process.
    • An API Transaction is any other call/request to our license server that is not a part of the activation process.
  • Admin Users refer to your developers and staff members that will need logins to your SOLO Server account.

For example, if you expect to gain 70 new customers each month, and each customer will be using your licensed software one computer, that would be 70 new activations each month, and the Team plan would be the best choice.

If your usage doesn’t fit into our listed plans, or if you are interested in our other hosting options for SOLO Server, you can request a quote from us for our Enterprise solutions.

How are activations and API Transactions counted each month?

Each activation and API Transaction is only counted in the month that it is processed. The included amount of activations and API Transactions resets each calendar month.

For example, with our Team plan ($99/month), 75 Activations and 30,000 API Transactions are included each month. For a given calendar month, if 85 activations and 40,000 API Transactions are processed, the cost for that month would be: $99 + $15 + $10 = $124

The next month, if 70 Activations and 28,000 API Transactions are processed, the cost for that month would be $99 since there were no overages.

See our API Transaction Policy and Examples for additional details.

How is the integrated eCommerce charged?

Using the integrated eCommerce is optional, and there is a 2% fee for any orders facilitated through our integrated eCommerce.

For example, if you have $1,000 in sales in a given month, there would be a $20 eCommerce fee for that month.

Using our integrated eCommerce requires a compatible payment gateway (such as PayPal), and they would charge their fees for processing the payment into your account.

Do you limit the number of applications/products that I can license?

No. We do not limit the number of products you can license, and we do not limit the types of licenses you can offer.

Can I upgrade my plan in the future?

Yes, you can request to upgrade your plan at any time. If you are consistently paying overages, the Team and Business plan provides more value for their monthly rates.

Do you have a minimum contract period?

No, there is no minimum contract period for our standard plans. We do require a 30-day cancellation notice if you do choose to end the use of our services.

Are there any hidden fees or surprises?

Nope! Each plan includes everything you need to use our solution, and the only additional fees would be if you process more than the included activations and API Transactions in a given month.

What about the cost of updates and support?

Software maintenance is included in each plan and covers software updates for our licensing clients and SOLO Server, as well as access to our Standard Support through email and chat.

We do offer a higher level of support through our Professional Services, and this is optional.

When will we be invoiced?

We bill per calendar month, and since we charge based on usage, you will be invoiced shortly after the end of each month.

Do you offer payment options other than credit cards?

Yes. We can be flexible on payment options. Please contact us for more details.

Can I continue creating Test Licenses for testing purposes after I purchase?

Yes! You will still be able to create Test Licenses in SOLO Server for internal testing purposes. Test licenses activations are not counted as standard activations, but will instead be counted as an API Transaction.

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